Our large format Canon iPF8300 printer is 44" wide, so we can print anything that has up to 44" for the smallest dimension (for example, we can produce a 44x90" banner). It also features a state-of-the-art 12-color ink set so we can recreate almost any color.


Printing Services

Historical Printing picture

We specialize in large-format printing and traditional 4-color press printing.

Large-format Printing

We make posters, backlit film prints, large photographs, banners, trade-show backdrops and wall-hangings.

Traditional Printing

We prepare your files, show you proofs and use one of four or five California trade presses to get your job done on time and up to the finest quality standards. And, our prices are right. For example, we'll scan your art for a postcard, lay out a double-sided design, show you proofs for approval and produce 1000 4x6" gloss or matte double-sided postcards for less than a hundred dollars.