For direct capture scanning, we use the Betterlite Super 8K scan back, which provides an 8,000 sample per inch scan with full tonal range. The best way to describe it is as a very large digital photography system that uses long exposures to capture very large and detailed files.

Art scans on the direct capture scanning system start at $35.00. Most art scans on our Scitex flat-bed scanner are $25.00.


Scanning Services

A scanner darkly

Two keys to scanning art for reproduction are tonal range and file size. Tonal range means the ability of a scanning device to recognize data at the far ends of the spectrum. In other words, can the scanner recognize the difference between a very light color and no color? At the other end of the spectrum, can the scanner recognize details in very dark areas of the art? Both of our scanning methods have the widest possible tonal range and can produce extremely large files.

Direct Capture Scanning

Using the direct capture method, we can scan any size original whether it is framed, under glass or three-dimensional. We use a large 4x5 camera equipped with a Betterlight Super 8K digital scan back capable of capturing every detail at a very high resolution. This scanning technology will capture a file as large as a 580 Mbytes for very large reproductions.

Flat-bed Scanning

If the art we need to scan is flat and smaller than 11x17" in size, we can scan it on our Scitex Jazz+ flatbed scanner. We also use our Scitex scanner to scan photographic transparencies.